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If boosting productivity, reducing costs and achieving sustainable improvement in enterprise-level performance are your goals, the IT professionals at PageOne Systems, Inc can show you the way. The depth and breadth of our capabilities are unmatched in the industry - we provide IT development, training and consulting services to a broad range of public and private sector clients.

PageOne Systems, Inc offers fresh, outside-the-box thinking to help you address the challenges of operating in the 21st century. Our IT professionals have specialized skill sets and knowledge of best practices across the development, training and consulting spectrum that are applied to your business problem or opportunity. We can recommend and implement new technology solutions that push the competitive envelope.

Microsoft Visual Studio ® 2010

PageOne Systems, Inc will help you harness the power of Microsoft's Visual Studio 2010 Tools for the 2010 Microsoft Office System. We can build customized applications based on the 2010 Office system platform and create cutting-edge Office-based solutions using a wide range of VSTO 2010 SE functionality:

  • Application-level add-in support for popular 2010 Office System applications.
  • Design-time and runtime support for key 2010 Office System features (e.g., Ribbon, Custom Task Panes, and Outlook forms regions).
  • Design-time support for InfoPath 2010 form templates.
  • Maintainability and compatibility assurances of 2010 Office system with Office 2007 / VSTO 2008.
  • Ability to run in Visual Studio 2010 Professional (in addition to Visual Studio versions already supported).
  • Expanded application-level add-in support for these Office 2007 Standard and Professional applications: Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint and Visio.
  • Applications targeting different platforms, including SharePoint applications.
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